Data error?

I am in the middle of a show and seeing errors like:
27-8-2013 20:49:25 Warning Error reading peak data for file://F:\Muziek\Top 40 Archief\1987\Bananarama - Love In The First Degree.mp3: zlib returned: data error

What could be wrong? got no time to do an extended search on this forum at this moment.



When mAirList first loads a file, it builds and saves a ‘peak file’ similar to the old SoundForge SFK file, to make it easier to display the peaks (waveform display) when the file is next loaded in a Playlist. These files are kept for a number of days (28 maybe?) and then deleted.

I don’t think the message means that the file is missing (because it’s been deleted automatically) but I may be wrong on that: have you moved any data files recently? Perhaps moved them to a different drive or folder?


No everything is still at the same location.
It does give the error only for certain songs/jingles


How to fix?
Still getting these errors.


Fixed by deleting the file peakdata.db