D&R Webstation with mAirlist 6.2 Home version

I want to purchase a D&R Webstation mixer. Is it possible to connect mAirlist 6.2 Home with this mixer? And by this I mean remote control, etc.

I am a home user and sometimes I do a bit of audio streaming but on an amateur level.

Or do I need to buy a specific license to use this mixer?


Hello Ivan,

if you want to use the D&R Mixer with mAirList you have to upgrade your license to “Advanced (Home)”.

For more information please have a look at this page: https://www.mairlist.com/en/home-users/

Kind regards
Oliver :slight_smile:

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Thank you @OliverTL!

Then I will first purchase a D&R Webstation mixer and after that I will contact Torben by mail to ask what discount I have to buy the advanced Home license.


It’s 150 Euro plus VAT.

Ah, sorry: Crossgrade from Home Studio: We will take the license costs for Home Studio into account. So you only have to pay the price difference.

So then it is still the best solution to send a mail to the sales account?

I read that there is a 75% discount for someone who wants alter their license from Home to Advanced Home.


I think you only have to pay 55€ for the upgrade.
(If € is your currency :laughing:)

Euro is indeed my currency :wink:

Yes, please.
I will answer you Monday morning. :sunglasses:

It’s the other way round: “Home users” (please read the rules carefully) can buy our products with a 75% discount. mAirList Advanced Edition costs normally 600 Euro plus VAT.

So if you buy mAirList Advanced Edition (Home), it will cost 150 Euro plus VAT.
We offer “crossgrades” for switching from an existing license to a higher one by paying the price difference. So if you have mAirList v6.x Home Studio, we calculate the price difference and send you an individual payment link. The license will be changed manually by us.

Not generally, Oliver.
We have to look what the customer has paid to date and what the VAT rate in his country is.
Unfortunately, in Europe there is no unique VAT. :eu: :euro: :slightly_frowning_face: … and we sell mAirList in other countries, too (like Switzerland :switzerland: the U.S. :us: or Australia :australia: etc.).

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Ah, good to know - thanks!