D&R AIRLITE & mAirList

I have problems connecting the fader modules of my D&R AIRLITE to mAirList Professional version 5.1.2 build 2784.

What I want to achieve is permanently assigned fader modules to my players in mAirList, starting with faderstart in Assist mode. After a reboot of my play out PC, Windows is showing these “soundcards”:

High Definition Audio-apparaat (onboard, standard)

Do I best choose DirectSound or WASAP at this point?

When assigning USB AUDIO CODEC to fader module 4, the sounds ends on fader module 5 instead. And after a reboot on fader module 6. No faderstart.

My wish:

Fader module 4 : mAirList Player A
Fader module 5 : mAirlist Player B
Fader module 6 : mAirList Player C
Fader module 7 : mAirList CartWall

Which settings best to choose in Windows, mAirList Control Panel (Remote Control and Audio Device). How to realize faderstart?

Thanks in advance for help.





Can you read German? I gave a pretty detailed description of the “problem” here yesterday:



  • Order of “USB AUDIO CODEC” devices is random, does not match the actual faders.
  • Go to Windows Control Panel, identify and then rename the devices.
  • Use WASAPI whenever possible, so the devices won’t mix up when you reconnect USB or reboot (will happen with DirectSound).

All working fine, now. Thanks Torben.

Last question: is there a possibility to synchronise the Non Stop button on D&R AIRLITE with Automation Mode in mAirList? In other words, when NON STOP is activated on AirLite. mAirList automaticaly goes to Automation Mode? .

Right now it’s not possible, but it is on the to-do list.

I hope to receive a demo desk in a couple of weeks so I can implement the missing stuff.


I hope to receive a demo desk in a couple of weeks so I can implement the missing stuff.

In the mean time, are you testing the D&R Airlite?

No, I don’t have one yet.

Hi Torben, in the meantime does D&R assist you with Hardware/Software/Support? The FAQ is very rare at the DnR site, no Forum available :frowning:

Well, tell them.

I’m not going to offer general support for their products (except for mAirList related questions and issues) here.

I’ll tell them, and I can read between the lines ::slight_smile: ;D

Just to clarify this:

I do provide support for the mAirList<->Airlite bindings here, and give general setup instructions to get those two parts running together.

But for any other general question about the console, this is probably the wrong place to ask. Feel free to discuss it with other Airlite owners here - but as far as I’m concerned, I will probably not be able to answer most questions anyway, just because I don’t own such a console. And even though I know the guys at D&R very well, I’m not their support staff :wink:

Hi Torben,

long time passed from the quoted Adriaan’s message ahead. I’d like to ask you if there is any progress regarding the mentioned feature which would be very useful.