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Hi Torben

In one of our home studio’s we now a D&R Airlite . We have configure it , but we get stuck with the fader / psuh button section. We have the home edition. I saw something i do not now in the forum or on Facebook that you have to buy a module for the home version to get the faderstart working with Airlite. It’s a nice mixing desk.
With Aircast you can choose faderstart option , but i did not saw it in mAirlist home edition…


We are using version 4

mAirList Home Studio
mAirList Home Studio is a – slightly restricted – version of the mAirList Radio Automation especially made for home users that meet the above restrictions.

Compared to the regular playout/studio licenses (Professional Studio), the following features are missing in mAirList Home Studio:

Digital broadcast console remote control (DHD, SAS, Axia, Ember+, D.MAX, Wheatstone, MambaNet)
D&R remote control (Airlite, Airence, Airlab)


Answer alreay via privat mail.

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