Customize licences

Hi there,

It could be very useful to be able to add some remarks to the licence details on the customer area of the website.
I’ve own several licences. And i’m looking for a licence which is no more in use on the previous computer. I would like to migrate it. But I don’t remember its number.
So if I could add some remarks, like “PROD PC”, etc… It should be more useful


There is such a remark field, but it is not user-editable right now, only we admins can do it.

Send a list of serial/computer name pairs to and we’ll enter it for you.

Torben was faster… okay.

Hello Matthieu,

this is already possible for professional users. We can check it via mail or together on the phone.

Since I’m on holiday this week, would you mind waiting until next week?
I don’t want to disturb Torben if it’s not urgent.

Best regards
Uli Nobbe
mairlist GmbH / support & sales assistance