Cue sheets

I record 1 and 2 hour shows, and it would be great to add now playing items.
Is it possible you could add a “cue sheet” to the logging process, please.
As each item is played during the recording it would be logged in cue sheet format; to be imported when the programme is fully recorded, and then saved as a .mmd file.

I’m looking for such a solution as well. Probably this can already done by using the logging interface, but I’m not really sure how to set this up.

Thanks for the support shorty.xs. Yes you can create a log file which can be read by any text editor, but the “cue sheet” is very specific in it’s formatting.

Does this script help?

Hi Tony. Unfortunately the script does not help.
I record hour programmes as if I was presenting it live; the playlist often changes. I can create a log file to give artist and title, so I know what was played and in what order. I don’t know exactly when each track started though. To add this data to the finished recording means a lot of manual additions to the “other” field of the PFL.
However, if I voice track the playlist and then mix it down, it automatically creates a cue sheet giving artist title and start of each track. This cue sheet can then be imported into the “other” field of the final programmes PFL and then exported as a MMD file.
The cue sheet file format is very specific, please see attached.

mix down test.txt (344 Bytes)