Cue In / Fade Out / Cue Out

I’m posting this under Bugs as I don’t know what it is really related to.

Using build 564.
I see that every song has a Cue In, Fade Out and Cue Out assigned. Even freshly ripped songs never opened in mAirList before.

Cue in is only in the ms range but fade out is varying from 4 to 10 seconds.
Anybody has a clue about this?


You probably have Auto Cue enabled in the config. This will scan the file for the first (or last) position on which a certain dB threshold is exceeded.

If you don’t want it, turn it off. It will make the file import much faster. Recent builds have an extra config page for it (Miscellaneous -> Auto Cue), in Build 564 it might still be on the File Import page.

Yep, a kinda treshold was my first thought too.
Thanks Torben, found it in the config under ‘Miscellaneous - Auto Cue’

File import speed is restored to speed of light again ;D
I already noticed that file import got slowed down significantly. I believed it was related to the readout/seek of the cuepoints, ramps etc in the tag data…


You mean you have tags on the files? Ordinary ID3 tags or tags created by mAirList?

Just because when a mAirList file tag is found (which contains all cue data), Auto Cue should not be used anymore for the file. If it is, it’s a bug.

No, we only use standard ID3 Tags. Tagged with a 3rd party program. Not mAirList.
So there’s no bug in this case and it explains the slowdown due to Autocue for the import.