Crossfading: A beginner's question

Hi everyone, I’m new here, and I am thinking about using this software in my new radio station. I am trying to learn it after years of using SAM Broadcster. The main feature that I’m looking for right now is the making crossfading as smooth as possible. I didn’t find a feature to start the next song when the current one reaches -5db, is it possible?

Thanks, and sorry if this is a silly question, I did some searches here and in the user guide and didn’t find it.


This is actually what the “Auto Cue” feature in mAirList does. When you drag a new song into the playlist (or add it to the mAirListDB library), mAirList looks for the point where the level reaches a specific threshold for the last time, and sets the Fade Out marker there. Works very well for most songs, and you can still adjust the marker later if you’re not satisfied.

The default value is -20dB IIRC and can be adjusted in mAirListConfig -> Misc -> Auto Cue.

Thanks!! Exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile:

In the manual, it’s section 7.13.4 Auto Cue on page 75.

(Sorry: it’s been a stupidly and unavoidably busy time at work recently!)