Create a new Database ID

I would like to connect to 2 databases at home. 1 from my personal radio station and 1 from a radio station where I also do maintenance.
Now the database of one of the radio stations is originally a backup of the other radio station. By placing this backup, the database has exactly the same ID number as the original. This makes it impossible for me (without errors) to consult both databases from 1 software.

Is there a way to create a new Database ID? or do I have to create a new database on one of the servers and import it in a different way?

What is wisdom in this?

The Database ID is stored in the config table of the SQL database. You can adjust it with an SQL query like this:

UPDATE config SET value='<random new database ID>` WHERE name='dbid';

The ID is also stored as part of the configuration, so you must also edit the value in the database connection Properties, Settings tab - or clear it, and mAirList will retrieve the correct one when you click OK.

thx for this script.
I am aware when having a new Database ID all the database connections should be read the new ID.