Couple of issues

Sorry to post here, am having trouble logging on to the bugtracker.

I have come across a couple problems whilst using v4 in the past week.

Linking songs/tracks: I can link a whole chain when selected tracks are relatively short (less than 1 min). It shows the green dots and the red dot on the last linked item. When doing the same with a combination of jingles and songs it will only show the green dot. It will still play the last item as part of the chain.

Number of items to keep in playlist history: regardless of what figure I enter it keeps none. It also does not add all played items in the recycle bin once played.

Linking songs/tracks: The issue with the missing red dot was present in Beta 1 and should have been fixed in Beta 2. Let me know if anything is still broken.

Playlist history: Keep in mind that the playlist can now also “hide” items before eventually moving them to the recycle bin. This is a separate setting in the config, and you can “unhide” all played items by clicking the item at the right hand side of the playlist toolbar at any time.

I am using the beta 2 version.

The problem with the dots is quite weird and random…If I have a selection of 3 tracks and link them once they start playing the red dot disappears but it will still play the full chain.

With regards to recycle, I have noticed that if a linked selection is playing it will not record it in the recycling bin. It will also lose the red dot.

Another issue I came across yesterday is that if I want to set different “start next” point on the first track in a linked chain (like a dry jingle over intro) it will only play it over the intro if I mix edit the selected and highlighted tracks, not if I use the mix edit using the mix this and next from the options menu. I also have to link the tracks for it to play it out as I intended. (I presume this is the right way of doing it…)

You only need to use Link if you’re in Assist mode. The alternative is to (temporarily) go into Auto mode.

For a dry jingle over intros, I put the jingle BEFORE the track, then set StartNext on the jingle to 100mS, so that the track starts ‘almost’ in sync (no-one will ever notice the very very slight delay).


I’ll give that a try today Cad, thanks for the tip.