Couldn't Find A Player

When adjusting StartNext points on a 2-Player system, mAirList thows up an error box if you attempt to make it play 3 items. Considering that “next” overlaps can now occur within a single Player - is this a bug or a failsafe ?

In other systems, this is usually handled by fading the 1st item to make way for the next song - ie: because a new song is starting underneath so the previous one shouldn’t clash with it. This “rule” would also facilitate the ability to use long talkbeds with voice-links of varying length, without the need to set an excplicit/local FadeOut for the bed.


Call stack (Ctrl+C to copy to clipboard):

(0013F026) [00540026]
(0013C9D7) [0053D9D7]
(0013DAFE) [0053EAFE]
(00133CA4) [00534CA4]
(00133E91) [00534E91]
(000E0280) [004E1280]
(000E063A) [004E163A]
(0002E614) [0042F614]
(0008BC94) [0048CC94]
(0008BCCE) [0048CCCE]
(0008BEEE) [0048CEEE]
(004491DC) [0084A1DC]



I examined the situation. It’s a bug. When there is no free player for the next item, the top-most player is unloaded and used. However, the algorithm did only look for fading players, but not for players which are still playing, but which have passed the Start Next marker.

The item of the unloaded player is detached and played in the background until it finishes or reaches its Fade Out point. As of v.22, the “Fade out any other player” option will also affect these “detached” sources. However, it is not possible to apply the item-specific fade out duration then, but the default fade duration will be used. (This is because the reference to the item is already disposed by then. Torben’s strange architecture :wink:


I see… That’s a bit of a pain, but I guess these things happen! Thanks for looking into it.

Well, how could we improve it? Any suggestions?

Hmm… Well, the explicit FadeDurations are usually set for a reason; You need to override the global setting because the seg needs to be shorter (or longer) than a default one. As such, from a user point-of-view - You really want all specific settings to be available/used where possible.

I suppose, the bare minimum ideal would be to have 3 players to physically handle a song/jingle/song seg - This wouldl also give the ability to “ride” the levels if it’s a custom seg.

I guess I could go back to 3 Players :wink: …and 2 players is quite restrictive when you’re using mAirList manually and starting Players via the desk ;(

Perhaps I find a way to keep the fade durations.

I’d also suggest two use 3 players or more, given that you have another spare channel on your desk.


Well, I do and I don’t :wink:

I try and keep the 4th spare as “Windows Default”, Adobe Audition, and ExtraPFL - so that all editing occurs on a “safe” fader. Previously, I had the CartWall on the 4th fader, too - But I guess I can juggle things around.

I had the CartWall on the 4th fader, too -
[FX: dons cloth cap and adopts t'Yorkshire accent] FOUR faders! >hmph< LUXURY! Try working wi' just t'THREE faders, lad, like us REAL men!

[FX: removes cloth cap—and the accent]
Yeah, it’s sad, isn’t it? Just three desk channels for us until we hopefully get a Soundcraft Series 10 [FX: eyes glaze over momentarily] —sorry, where was I? Oh yes! Two channels for our two main players, and both Cartwall and ‘secondary’ three-player playlist for ads., jingle sweeps, etc., all going through the third BVE100S desk channel (!). Yes, I know this is a production audio mixer, but it’s a long-term loan and it’s all we’ve got!

It’s a man’s life at Leith FM, right enough ;).


I would be REALLY happy if mAirlist remained usable with two players/faders, because 25% of my shows are performed live with the help of my laptop which only has two soundcards and where I am only allowed to use two faders of the mixer…

(And yes: I had the situation described above today, too)


Well, according to today’s release, Torben has fixed it - I’ll need to check it in the studio, but I dare say that he’s found a workaround for it. It was the error message that I wasn’t happy with - I only think they should appear when the user has to choose something (like “yes or no” to save), rather than “error in module 90210”.

I was quite happy with 2 faders, although I’ve come to realise that 3 is really the “ideal”, after all - cart-machines came as a triple-stack :wink: Plus, it allows you to control (ie: fader-start) a song/jingle/song segue and keep control of the levels.

As for Cad and his funding - We need the broadcast equivalent of… I’m sure one for Optimods would be well received! In all seriousness, I picked up my M-Audio Delta410 from the USA, paid about £80 - a real bargain (in 2004).

There should be absolutely no user interaction in automation mode. The “Did not find a player” message is shown in an emergency situation which should not never - never! - occur. It indicates an error in my source code, not in the current operation.

I have found that error, and you should not see that message again. However, I still haven’t looked at the custom fade duration. I was busy test-driving my new car :wink: