Copying mAirListDB items to folders: cursor and MessageBox

The new feature which allows Ctrl+drag/drop to COPY an item to another Folder is great, but it really does need the drag cursor to change to a drag-copy cursor (same but with a + on it!) while Ctrl is pressed. This is something which I think any user would expect to happen.

I also think there should be an (optional) MessageBox when using the mouse to copy or move items from one folder to another. This should (optionally) appear when the drop is completed, but before the move/copy is done. Here are some suggested messages, plus the problems I think they would prevent:

Are you sure you want to copy
artist - title
to the ‘foldername’ Folder? (Yes/No)

(Ooops! I meant to MOVE that item, not COPY it!)

Are you sure you want to move 936 items
from the ‘foldername1’ Folder to the ‘foldername2’ Folder? (Yes/No)

(AAAGH! How the heck did I manage to select 936 items?!!)

The ‘optional’ bit could be handled by a single Config checkbox:
Show confirmation dialogs when moving/copying items to other Folders

Thanks, as always, in advance. :slight_smile: