Connect mAirlist to OBS

Any visual radio deejays in this community?

We are trying to connect mAirlist to OBS studio.
Via a tcp log signal we try to show a title overlay.

Did any whiz kid made a tool for triggering the titles or did anyone made a solution using CasparCG or other tools?

I can’t be the first one trying this :wink:
Thank you for helping me out.

Check the site from Hidde Schultze

Visual Radio Assist

He created a software wich connects playout systens with obs.
I Have never used it, so I am notsure about the features. But have look maybe this is what you are looking for.

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Hi! You can do the title in OBS via the logging-function in mairlist by using a http post. The only thing you need is a small php script, which stores the post in a text file. Then it is possible to show it in OBS by using a browser source…

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Thanks for mentioning visual radio assist as solution.

I have tried this tool already. It was working sometimes and it wasn’t the other time. So didn’t feel like a stable solution.
But maybe there’s an improved version to try.

Thanks. The http logger output is a good solution. My only problem is the triggering. Because a http request is only from the browser, I can’t trigger the title to show up on start in mairlist. (The new title won’t be displayed).

I’ve found out a websocket would be the solution. But that’s out of my league. To difficult to understand how to setup.

For now I use the http post solution with a manual triggering in OBS to show the title.

If you reload the site you display in OBS, you won’t have these problems…

For example:

 	<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="10">
</head> ...

Mairlist sends the title every time a new song starts.