Configuration Files in mAirList v2.1.42+


In preparation of the new stable release (and possibly a Linux port g), I am currently in the process of cleaning up and modularizing several components of mAirList. Starting with 2.1.42, the configuration dialog for databases and remote control mechanisms (hotkeys, gameport, MIDI, …) will be slightly different, but in my opinion much more straighforward and user-friendly.

Furthermore, the database and remote configuration will be stored in two additional ini files, database.ini and remote.ini. mAirListConfig 2.1.42 will not be able to read the respective configuration from an old-style mAirList.ini file. If you want to preserve your old configuration rather than configuring all databases and remotes again, please follow the steps below.

Database Configuration

  1. Create a new text file named “database.ini” inside the mAirList folder.
  2. Open mAirList.ini and move all “[Database0]”, “[Database1]” etc. sections to database.ini, and delete them from mAirList.ini.
  3. Done. mAirListConfig 2.1.42+ should display your original database configuration.

Remote Configuration

This is a little more tricky, but still easy to achieve. In the old-style mAirList.ini, each control remote mechanism has its own section. The name of the section corresponds to the name of the remote control, for example:

(… hotkey configuration …)

(… SAS configuration …)

In remote.ini, these sections must be named “[Remote0]”, “[Remote1]” etc., and have “Type=” line:

(… hotkey configuration …)

(… SAS configuration …)

Special Issues with Hotkeys

Up to version 2.1.41, each hotkey has a “Global” setting (on or off), telling mAirList whether to register this hotkey globally (so that it is recognized whatever application is in the foreground) or not (only when mAirList is the active window):


Starting with mAirList 2.1.42, these two options are offered as two distinct remote control “interfaces”: local hotkeys (“Hotkeys”) and global Hotkeys (“SystemHotkeys”), so if you have mixed global and local hotkeys, you need two distinct sections in remote.ini. You can remove the “Global…” lines, but make sure to adjust the numbering of the Key and Action items:



I have uploaded a current snapshot, build 458, which includes this new framework. Please test it thoroughly and post any remote oder database related bugs in this thread.

Update (2007-11-29):

Starting with v2.1.42 (which will be out later this day), there will be a new folder “config” inside the mAirList folders where all .ini files are stored. You might need to create that folder and move your old configuration there after upgrade.

In addition to database.ini and remote.ini mentioned in the post above, we now have three additional configuration files:

  • Information about player devices are now stored in devices.ini. This makes it easy to transfer your mAirList configuration to a different PC with a different sound card. If you want to keep your old settings from mAirList.ini, just create that file and move all “Device” and “PFLDevice” settings from mAirList.ini into the new file, creating the appropriate sections as necessary.

  • The configuration of the logging interfaces (to files, SQL, Shoutcast) is now stored in logging.ini. You need to reconfigure all interfaces, as the new entries have a different format than those in the old mAirList.ini.

  • The actions in the Action Menu are now stored in menuactions.mla. In order to keep your old action list from mAirList.ini, just open the configuration dialog of mAirList 2.1.41 (!), go to the “Menu Actions” page and save the action list as “menuactions.mla” in the new “config” directory.

Finally, you can create a file called “custom.ini” where you can store values to be used in your scripts. Just drop me a line if you’re a scripting guru and you need more information about this exciting new feature :wink:


I installed the new version and followed all instructions, but when I ran it the licence wasn’t recognized even though I received a new one from you not that long ago.
Am doing something wrong? Or do I need to add the license file after installation?

The license.ini file needs to be put in the config directory

Thank you, that’s all ok now… :smiley:

If it’s any consolation to you, Mike, I originally got caught out by that as well! :-[

This was just after I moved the other INIs and thought ‘I wonder if I need to move licence.ini as well?’ while mAirList was initialising. :smiley:


Ok, the other thing that I’m confused about is the setting of hotkeys. I tried using what is posted in this thread, but I’m having trouble getting it to work.
I had F1 and F2 to start/stop the players and the num keys 1 - 9 to start/stop carts in the cartwall.
Can anyone clarify for me how to set it up and what else I need to do, where to put the configuration, etc.

Thanks in advance!!! :wink:

Open mAirListConfig and go to the “Remote Control” page. Click “Add” and select either “Hotkeys (local)” or “Hotkeys (system-wide)” in order to create a new hotkey interface. The local/system-wide thing corresponds to the “global” checkbox in the old configuration. You can mix local and global hotkeys by creating one interface of either type.

In the dialog appearing, go to the “Key” field at the bottom and press the desired key (combination). Then click “Add” and select a command from the list.