Conditional database playlist append

I am trying to enhance an hourly event which has the action to ‘Append database playlist’ so that it will NOT append the next hour’s playlist if there is more than 1 hour remaining on the playlist.

The idea being that if you want to temporarily ‘overide’ the database schedule you can either manually create a few hours worth of playlist (or add the ‘special’ playlist using another event).

One thought I had to achieve this was to create an hourly event to run a script which would check the duration of the remaining playlist and only append if less than an hour but I am stuck on the code. (Assuming that it is possible to get a script to trigger an event rather than at a fixed time - similar to pressing the ‘Run’ button on the Event Scheduler?)

iDuration: integer;


iDuration := CurrentPlaylist.GetDuration;

if iDuration < 3600 then
Append database playlist; <Wishful thinking rather than code!!!


Any chance of a few pointers from a v3.x scripting expert?

Many thanks in advance


It seems to be not very difficult.
For a light paypal payment, I could write for you this kind of script.

If you’re interesting about it, just let me know !

Have a nice day !

Thanks for the offer but as you say it should not be difficult if you know the correct command and it is possible!

Torben - is it possible to run an event (or append a database playlist) from a script?