Commercial planner in database

I am now looking in the commercial planner of the database . we now have a number of spots running, but I want to run them in a certain order, eg the promo for recruitment will run as the last spot. I have now put them separately in the template, three commercials in a row. perhaps it can be done even more efficiently, is it possible to have them played in a certain order


Did you follow this?

Every spot could then be registered as a new “campaign”. In the campaign settings you can set how the ad from this campaign will appear in the Ad-Block-Settings during auto scheduling:

You can devide (sic!) about the placement of the spot within the block: anywhere, towards the beginning or towards the end. This can be fine-tuned by setting the priority value accordingly.


can someone assist me in how to plan 1 commercial campaign with 2 spots please ?

so first passage is spot 1, 2nd passage is spot 2, third is spot 1, etc…

Hi, did you read and try the links I posted above?

It’s well explained there how to do that.