Comment visible

Hello, maybe someone can help me. In Mairlist 7 I am looking to have “comments” directly visible in the playlist. This probably also has to be done with the skin editor, but I don’t know the command. Who can help me?

Thanks, Jan


Hello Jan,

the option “Always expand comments”, which was available in the v6 configuration, has been dropped.
Since you are not the only user missing this, Torben will bring it back in a future update.

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Thanks Uli,

I look forward to it!

@Torben or @UliNobbe is this option returned to v7.0 until build 5064 or not yet?

It is reintroduced in v7.1.

Dr. @Torben regarding all the Axia problems we have (Telos decide to change equipment) I’m afraid of switching to 7.1 due to the GPIO commands change… Hm… is it possible to add it to some of build for 7.0 or is it too much?