Commands not able for database app?

Lately I am working on a backgroundscript wich uses the switches on a D&R Airlite for voicetracking.
I am not working with the standard commands on the remote, since the script uses some combinations of variables to change led colours and also the function of a switch changes when the vt window is open or closed…
The script sends the standard commands (like VT RECORD START, VT RECORD STOP, VT OPEN, VT SAVE) to the playout software and this works like charm.
Now I found out that these scripts are working well in the playout software but scripts aren’t useable in the database app?
The used commands wich are triggered by the script aren’t accepted in the database app. Is it possible to send commands to the database app by a script?
It is possible to send commands using a remote control, so I know the database app can handle the standard commands. I wonder if it is possible to send the standard commands to the database app when they are triggered by a script.

One side note:. The database app is not opened using the link in the toolbar, but he software is started seperate by a script. In this specific situation it isn’t desirable to start the database app from the toolbar so that won’t be a solution for me. In my situation two instances of mAirlist are running, perhaps that could be the cause? If so, Is there a way to make the database app accept the commands wich are send by a script?

I ran some tests this morning showing this:

as soon as the database app is opened from the toolbar, both the commands sent by remotecontrol or script are actually executed.

As soon as the database app is opened from the windows start menu, windows sees it as a separate application.
Commands sent by remote controls are executed, commands sent by scripts are not executed.

can this be solved?

I was thinking, for example, to devise a ‘virtual’ remote control and to control it with scripts.

As indicated, I trigger a script using the keys on a D&R Airlite to record voice tracks. I want to be able to use this in the playout software as well as in the database app.