Hi all

i am trying to modify a playlist and basically get rid of a couple of columns, i have looked in the wiki, found the line i assumed was right to add to the skin.ini config file but it didnt work.

Basically i want to get rid of the columns that show End & Link, so all i have is TIME, TITLE/ARTIST & DURATION.

Could you help me please chaps…

The line i added was HideColumns=4,5


On a similar note, torben, would it be possible to have a tick option in the config so we can say what columns we want/don’t similar to that of show playlist icons?

IGNORE - Just realised that i was changing settings in the wrong playlist, so it was working and i was simply deleting files in another playlist.

All sorted

Still, would be nice for the options in the config if possible?? :wink:

You can also use ColWidths to omit them :slight_smile:

;Order: Icon,Time,Title,Duration,Ramp,End,Link,Artist

The asterisk ensures that the Title column fills any un-used space :wink:

… which may or may not cause column sizes to ‘jump’ when you have enough Items in the Playlist for a vertical scrollbar to appear.

If that sort of thing bothers you (as it does me), don’t use any asterisks and work out a set of column widths just wide enough in total such that a scrollbar won’t ‘upset’ them (won’t force all the columns to shrink slightly) when the Playlist fills up.


Hmm, I’d never thought about that! Having said that, my ignorance is bliss - it’s never really bothered me :wink:


didnt know that you could physically type in the name of the column.

very useful…

No, you can’t - notice that I’ve commented it out with a semi-colon… It’s just for my reference so I know which column I’m adjusting :wink:

ahh right