Color in layout/skin

In my layout I have placed the browser and pfl player.
My skin is dark themed, but somehow it doesn’t seem possible to change the colours of the browser bar and the pfl player.

Does anyone know if it is possible to change the colours? And if so. Which code should be used in the skin.ini file?

Here is an example of the parts I would like to change the colours

That is the exact same problem, that I have.
I have the same one on the Aircheck Recorder, can’t color it.

I’ve looked on my skin on my personal mAirList: Same here.

However, I used a trick: The browser ist not a part of my playout layout, it uses a separate window which can be switched on / off through a button in the toolbar (see configuration > GUI > Browser).
So it does not disturb me too much. :sunglasses:

Hi Uli,

I know using the browser as a seperate window is a ‘solution’. Unfortunatily I am not a fan of having the browser seperate from my layout. It’s not a huge deal, so I won’t bother too much on the colors of the browser and PFL player.
Just I was wondering if it was already possible to change the color of browser and pfl player (also a GUI item).

The world keeps on spinning, even with these colors :wink: