click and drop

Hi Torben, please could click and drop be added to mAirList.

Something we use in our current playout system (Wavcart Dualplay).

Kind regards tony

Can you please explain this? No clue what you mean by “click and drop”.


Hi Torben. So we can click on an item sitting either in the playlist or Hot Directory and drop it into playlist or player as required.

Sorry, I still don’t get the point. Drag & drop does already work for most tasks. You can drag items from the browsers into the playlist or directly into a player, items from the playlist into a player (even when auto load is enabled), from the playlists into the cartwall and so on. Anything missing?

(somewhat confused)

Sorry to confuse you Torben, Click and Drop just means that you don’t leave the file behind as you move the mouse as can happen with drag and drop.

We could then click on the file put the cursor where we wait the item and click and the item moves.

The real benefit is to disabled/handicapped users.

So it’s like drag & drop, but you don’t hold the mouse key but click twice, once at the source and once at the destination?


You explain it so much better.

Might be a little tricky to implement, but still not impossible.


I agree with what Tony says - Click/Touch 'n 'Drop is quite a standard (especially with BCX). It is also handy for touch-screens… ie: touch the library/playlist item, then touch the player… Dab, dab… Play :wink:

Convinced :slight_smile:

Hi Torben, have you managed to include this feature yet?

I’m still running version 2.11, not yet having tried later versions.

Kind Regards tony

If we add it, could we do it so that a single click and then a drag on the cartwall allows us to drag a file into a playlist.

But, so that it doesnt delete what is in the cart wall, just make a copy of it into the playlist.