Changes from v3.0.2 b560

In mAirList 3.0.2 Build 560 (which has just been uploaded to the snapshot directory), the notification script function parameters have changed significally to reflect changes in the internal message flow.

As a thumb rule, when a function used to receive a reference to an object (e.g. IPlayerControl), mAirList now passes the number of that object. For example, the OnPlayerStart procedure does now have two parameters, the number of the playlist and the number of the player within that playlist (all numbers are zero-based). If you need to access the player object, you can just write Playlist(PlaylistIndex).GetPlayer(PlayerIndex).

Also, the OnAutomationChange function has been split into OnAutomationOn and OnAutomationOff.

I’m attaching the new template.

Notification Script (1.91 KB)

Can’t download the mls File?

Look @ here:,3766.msg26145.html#msg26145

It was a bug in the forum-software…

Yes, some security hole which allowed spammers to modify existing uploads.