Change cue marker OnVtOn

In the Database app, when someone presses the VT button on a certain item, I want to automatically change a cue marker position of the item in player A. The big question, is this possible?

The idea is that we speak at the TOTH on a bed, but of course I dont want to play the bed when there is no voicetrack so by default the fade out is set already in the beginning of the file so that it also sounds nicely in a non-stop hour. When the VT recorder is opened I want the fade out marker to move to the end of the file.

I have some experience with background scripting but always from the playout. I don’t know if it also works from the Database? And how do I find out which item in the playlist was focused when the VT button was pressed, so OnVtOn?

You cannot access the VT items from a script due to technical limitations of Delphi and the scripting engine (scripts running in a separate thread cannot access GUI items).

Hmm okay pity. But then i’ll fix it the other way around, schedule it at full length and cut it off in playout when there is no voicetrack after it. Downside is that there is a chance then that the list becomes too short, but i think i’ll find a solution for that.