Running Mairlist 5.3 bld 3133.
It seems that the cartwall is very sensitive as to where it will accept a mouse click to fire a cut. Is there any way to improve this? Its almost as if it’s intermittent, sometimes working OK and other times not. I have tried adjusting click speeds etc in Windows 7 mouse setting but this does not help. I’m pretty sure the mouse is OK as it fires players ok with no problems.

Hi Maz

It’s been a problem for sometime.,7918.0.html

I also had this problem. I to turned of the click and drag to playlist feature, and this cured the problem.

Thanks for the info guys.
Just seems a shame that there’s this nice cartwall feature that can’t be used in a tradional cartwall way. I know that Mairlist now supports the drag and drop feature, which works well and also a hotkeys feature. I may try and get a seperate numeric keyboard and label it up to fire the cartwall direct from that.
I’m not sure what was on the supplied link as it just to me to the forum main page, but is Torben aware of the problem?

Perhaps you can try to analyze the problem a bit more, and find out which part of the cart player would accept a click, and which not? This would help me to investigate this issue.

Hi Torben.
I know it sounds strange but I’ve found the one time you can click exactly in the middle of a cart and it works and then the next time it doesn’t. This seems true for clicking anywhere within the cart area.

If i remember ok, If you clicked on the playlist or went to click on anything else, then clicking on a cart it would not play first click. it was OK after clicking on a cart a second time, then you could click as many carts as you liked and worked fine untill you went somewhere else again. A mouse focus problem needing a click on the cartwall first perhaps?

Are you using a separate window for the cartwall?

No. the same screen.

I will try to reproduce this.

I’m using a seperate cartwall screen.
It does seem pretty random in when it does and doesn’t work.

Torben, I’m not a programmer so I don’t know if this would work, but here goes. If you hover your mouse over a button in a player it changes colour giving the operator positive feedback. Could this be done with the cartwall? I suppose it is a bit like creating a “sweet spot” within the cart.

Did some testing today.

With “Allow dragging of items to playlist” turned off:

  • Cart is triggered on “mouse down” event, so it already starts playing when you push the mouse button down, not only when you release it.
  • Mouse event is processed even if the mAirList window (or cartwall window, if in a separate window) has focus; window will gain focus immediately when you press the mouse button.

With “Allow dragging of items to playlist” turned on:

  • Cartwall reacts on “mouse click” event; it starts playing when you release the mouse button. This is to differentiate between a click and a drag operation. (When you move then mouse before releasing the button, a drag operation is started, else a click operation.)
  • If the main/cartwall window does not have focus, the first click will bring focus to the window, and the cart will only start on the second click. This is a limitation of Windows, apparently, because the first click is never received by the window if it doesn’t have focus.

Is this consistent with your observations?

Yes, it seems to explain what happens. If I remember correctly it would not always start on the second click either.

It’s just strange that having used other playout systems in the past with similar functionality (cartwalls, dragging and dropping) I’ve not really noticed this. In a “live” on air envoirment it would be very frustrating and a bit limiting really.


I’ve just disabled the drag to playlist option and the cartwall works very well. No problems with missing clicks or windows screen focus etc. It’s 100% wherever and whenever you click in the cartwall box.
Just wondering if it would be possible to have the drag and drop operated by a right click and drag rather than a left click and drag? That would leave the left mouse click button free for firing cartwall cuts at all times.
Just an idea?

Not sure about this. May be possible, but there are things with a higher priority on my list.

OK. I’ll be patient then :wink: