Cartwall players names

I’ve got two main players in mAirlist, which are by default called A and B. I’ve changed those names to F1 and F2, to reflect the keyboard shortcut to start the players.

I would like to do the same with the players in the cartwall. Currently, the players in the cartwall are numbered from 1 to however many players you have (25 in my case), but it’s not possible to change those names like with the main players. It would be great if it could be build in, that you can change the default number (1,2,3,etc) to whatever you want.

Just to be clear an example: cartwall player 3 has the letter A as keyboard shortcut. Currently the name of the player will be “3”, but I would like to be able to change that to “A”, as that’s the shortcut.

Thanks! :wink:

It’s not possible through the GUI by now, but you can use a rather simple notification script:

[code]procedure OnStartup;


Save this as “” or so and register it as a notification script in the config.

The above example will set the name of the first player (index 0) to ‘X’. You can duplicate and adjust the line as needed.

Brilliant. That works like a charm, Torben. Thanks! :wink: