Cartwall Numbers


Just wondering if there’s a way I can turn off the numbers on each cart in the cart wall so that the Cart only displays the item name and duration?


Um … you mean the Cartwall Player numbers?

I can’t honestly remember whether or not you can do anything about those in 3.1.1; I don’t think so.

You can use lines in skin.ini to change the font, font size, and colour, though:

[Cartwall] NameFontName=Segoe UI NameFontSize=6 NameFontStyle=0 NameFontColor=#FF3030
So in theory, you could make the number the same colour as the player’s background, rendering it effectively invisible.

The number would still be ‘there’ in the player though, if you see what I mean? It wouldn’t ‘disappear’ and let everything else move over to the left (if you understand?), the Cartwall Player ‘number’ (called Name in skin.ini) would still occupy the same physical space within each Cartwall Player object.


And as a follow-up, the cart players can’t be renamed, correct?

Cheers, Alec M

A little old, but I’ll add these comments. You can “turn off” cart numbers. Please see:,6961.0.html

Cheers, Alec M