Cartwall load

Hi, trying to load cart sets from a key command (F12). Setup in the remote options but I cannot get it to work.

Any ideas?

Kind Regards Tony

Have you set up the key as “global”? This will not work for F12, as this particular key is reserved for Windows. Make it a non-global hotkey, or choose a different key.

Hi Torben, I think this may be posted in the wrong place, I am using version 2.0.11.

Changing the hotkey to L (Load) still does not work.

Also changed the cart sets yet the drop down window to load from, only lists a single cart set (not the correct one either).

Kind regards Tony

Mail me a copy of your mAirList.ini please.

By the way, the drop down list only contains those cart sets registered as “favorites” in the config. It is fixed, and will not be affected by any LOAD command.


Many thanks Torben, just deleted the favourites setting in the config file.

Emailing the config.ini too.

Kind Regards Tony