Cartwall colouring

Hi there,

I have just been setting up a layout for a friend and has asked me a quick question.

At the moment i know it’s not possible at the moment, but wondered if it is at all possible.

What i would like to be able to do is ‘colour a cart’. I mean so that presenters can have different colours for different carts. e.g. in a row of ten - 3 could be coloured yellow, 3 red, 4 orange for example. This would be done via a right-click on the cart and then via a colour chart like when you choose a font colour in word etc.

We would need it ideally so that the style saves with the cart set, so that it is there everytime it is loaded.

Is this at all possible?

Many thanks…

Here’s an idea.

Since mAirList can set and store a custom color for each audio file using the “Properties” dialog, why not let users set the color there. Then, in the Configuration file, add an option to turn on/off individual cart colors.

If you want to add more flexibility, you could allow the user to set two color settings (playlist and cartwall) for each audio file in the “Properties” dialog, instead of just one. One setting would be the color used to highlight the item in the playlist while the other color setting would be used when the audio file is inserted in the cartwall.

Just a suggestion and possible solution… :wink:

As always, I enjoy using mAirList. ;D

I cant change the colour of the cart via the properties dialog- with or without a skin.ini. apparently according to you you can but its not working for me- ive tried it in 2.2 and 3.0 and they’re both the same…please help

At the time being, the cart player colors only reflect the state of the player. The “color” settings in the Properties dialog is only meant for the playlist at the moment.

This thread is about changing the behavior, that is, an option to use the item color as the player color in the cartwall. It’s not done yet.