Cart Wrap Text


Hi…any way for Carts to wrap text so the whole file name, if it’s longer than the width of the cart, can wrap onto the next line?



Sorry, no.

One ‘trick’ I use is to use the Artist field for carts for things like advertiser name or ‘category’ like Rooftop Cafe, Public Service Announcement, Station ID, Jock ID, liner donut, and such terms.

Then I use the Title field for the actual name of the cut, like Ident 26: On The Road or Autumn Campaign Teaser.

It’s worth spending a bit of time on this. Also, you can change the font size etc. of Artist and Title. See the manual. As an example, you can add these lines to your skin.ini file:[Cartwall] TitleFontName=Tahoma TitleFontSize=8 TitleFontStyle=1 ArtistFontName=Tahoma ArtistFontSize=8 ArtistFontStyle=0