Cart Text Locations

Is it possible to change the Artist and Title locations in the Carts to a central position?

No, they are always at the top. The only thing you can do is swapping them.

By the way, if anyone comes up with a nice, good-looking new player design, just go ahead.

Torben, I sort of agree with Raddh on this one.

Would it be possible to have a new …Align option for Title and Artist, both for Playlist and Cartwall players? The three options in the enumeration of permitted values could be Left/Center/Right (incorrect speling of Center to be consistent with other entries ;)), or 0/1/2 if you prefer. Default would be Left or 0, depending on which value system you implement.

So in this case, you could specify something like ArtistTextAlign=1 and TitleTextAlign=1 in the Cartwall section of skin.ini.

This idea assumes that the actual Labels containing Title and Artist occupy the full width of the Player (obviously!), which I think they do? It is also very much in the ‘everything is customisable’ spirit of mAirList, and would help those who enjoy making mAirList layouts which resemble other playout systems (e.g. GoogleRadio/SS32).


Well, of course it’s possible (anything is possible). I just wonder if it makes sense to spend more time on tweaking the current player design. Or if it would just be better to redesign the player completely, which has been on my list for a long time. People ask for the ability to move the items inside the player (buttons, progress bar, etc.) freely in a “layout.ini” way. This is not possible with the current “fixed” design. At the moment, everything inside the player is drawn manually by mAirList, including all labels. I imagine a better design based on an “embedded form” containing real Windows GUI objects which can be arranged in the same way layout.ini works for the main window.

Just an idea…

Hi Torben (and Vincent), both of you get well soon…

Please can we have mAirListDB as a priority over any new features or redesign of the GUI.

Kind regards tony


Agreed 100% that the DB takes top priority right now.

Also agree that a full ‘new’ player design would be excellent (at a later date!). Would you provide some kind of ‘visual designer’ for it? In other words, a form containing a ‘prototype’ player (one for playlists, one for cartwall players ;)) in which the user could literally drag and resize the internal objects, as well as setting colours, fonts, alignment, transparency, etc., of each item?

That would certainly be the ‘gold standard’ and would be more intuitive to those who are uncomfortable about tweaking .ini files! :smiley: