Cant find MSVCRTD.dll when placing bassflac.dll in plugin directory.


Ok install the latest mAirlist and placed some bass libs in plugin and get an error when mAirlist started.
Cant find MSVCRTD.dll. After that : Error creating mAirList instance an a ugly access violation…

So what is wrong with plugin directory empty all is fine but i cant play my flacs…

Patrik Ekman
Vårgårda Sweden

MSVCRTD.DLL is the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library, more specifically, the debug version of that library. I assume BASSFLAC is written in Visual C++. The ordinary runtime library (MSVCRT.DLL) is usually available in a default installation. I have no idea why BASSFLAC is requesting the debug library though.

Is that the new BASSFLAC version 2.4.1 just released today? Perhaps the developer made a mistake and accidentally uploaded a debug build. According to the readme file, BASSFLAC is written by Ian, the developer of the main BASS library. You should contact him directly, or post to BASS forum at, to resolve this issue. I can’t do anything about it. Just report that you’re trying to use that plugin with an application based on BASS 2.4, and it reports a missing DLL. Ian will know what the problem is.

mAirList should handle a broken plugin more gracefully. There should be an error message in the system log rather than an AV. I will fix that.

Yes! Thanks!

I am familiar with bass library because i have my own player in delphi so i can test the theory later today. I think i will get the same problem.



bassFlac is working well. not.


That seems to confirm the problem.

Did you get a reply from Ian (the author of BASS) on the BASS forum at

That’s the only way this problem will be fixed.


Nope because i want to confirm that was a problem first. I will do it tomorrow.


It looks like there is a new bassflac.dll file. Date on the dll is 2009-12-09 12:40.

I have to download this later today and test it.

It is no new version number. Strange?


I suspect Ian noticed the mistake and just quickly replaced the DLL without having to document the new version number all over (readme file, web site, …). I sometimes do this with the mAirList snapshots :wink:


On our company it is death penalty doing similar thing! :wink:


I have only done so a couple of times, and only when I noticed the mistake within 5 or 10 minutes after uploading.

May I request death row pardon, please? :wink:

Thanks for a great program and your help! Now i have a personal licens!!!

Have a nice day!