Cannot delete from a Folder in mAirListDB

This is half bug, half feature request. :smiley:

I discovered today that if you Delete Item on an item which is in two (or more) mAirListDB folders, it will delete the item from the database completely (!). I had expected that the item would only be deleted from that one folder, and NOT removed from the database completely.

So, we need a way to delete an item only from the folder being displayed currently, AND a way to delete the item from the database completely.

May I suggest that clicking Delete Item displays a message box similar to:
Do you want to delete the selected item(s) from the database, or only from this folder?
with two buttons captioned Delete From Folder and Delete From Database.

This would allow a user to remove an item from a folder, for example if it was copied there by mistake.

Further, if the user clicks Delete From Folder, the process should check to see how many folders the item is in. If the answer is ‘one,’ a second message box should display:
If you proceed, the item will be removed from the database.
Do you want to remove the item from the database?
(Yes and No buttons)

I think it’s only fair to warn the user that they are about to remove the item completely, in case they believe the item is in another folder as well!

PS: There is currently no way to display the folders an item is in (such as, in its Properties). That would be good as well!


In the latest snapshot, …

… clicking “Delete” while a specific folder is selected will ask you if you want to delete the item or just remove it from the folder,

… clicking “Delete” while any other node is selected in the tree will delete the item from the database (with an extra confirmation dialog of course).

This paradigm might be extended to other node types later, for example, one could use the Delete button to remove Attributes or reset the item type. Just an idea.

It’s true that the folder assignment should also be visible/editable in the Properties dialog. Let’s see how that can be managed. I’m afraid that will not be until the redesign of the dialog.

That’s excellent: it was just TOO easy to accidentally delete an item from the database entirely!

That’s not nearly as big an issue as unintented deletion of an item, so no problem waiting for this until the dialog is upgraded.