Can mAirList scripts accept parameters?

Simple question, really, based on a script I’m writing.

It would be very useful to be able run a script with a paramter, which would be called (from a Scheduled Event etc.) as something like either of these:, 'News Break')

If this is possible, how do I find out from within the called script a) whether any parameters exist or not, so that I can use default value(s) for any which are missing; and b) the value of a parameter? I’m presuming (?) that any parameter values will be returned to the script as String type vars.

Thanks in advance.


That’s a thing I have wanted to make possible since long ago. I will definitely look into it before mAirList 2.2 is ready.

Brilliant! And thanks in advance.



Since this is an old topic, may I ask you if this function has been implemented since the 2.2.2 version ?


No. Unfortunately not. It turned out to be more complicated as I first thought. It’s now on my v3.0 to-do list.



Sorry but, since you’ve released it, does it mean that is possible now ?
I’m a litle bit confused since you haven’t posted any changelog for this version yet. I suppose you will.