Can I cut pieses of a song out?

There is some swearing in a song that I would like to play, was wondering if it was possible to cut this part of a song out.

I have Mairlist 2.2.1 and have been told that if I use " cueing" if I want to cut pieces out of a song while playing it in PFL mode. I have tried this but I am still confused how to do it.

Any suggetions?

Load the song into the playlist so that it gets loaded into one of the players. Start the player in PFL mode, e.g. by clicking the small headphone button in the lower left corner of the player. The “advanced PFL”/“PFL cue” dialog will appear. Select “Cue In” from the list, move the slider to the desired playback position, and click “set”. You can use the + and - buttons or the mouse wheel for finetuning. Repeat the steps for the “Cue Out” marker. There you go.

If you want to save your selection permanently, double click the song in the playlist and click “Save to metdata file” in the Properties dialog. This will create a small XML file (*.mmd) which is being read the next time you load the song into the playlist.

To clarify Torben’s reply:

You can use his method only to ‘cut off’ the start or end of a song. There is no method within mAirList which will cut out a section from the middle of a song (if that makes sense?). To do that, you would need to use an (external) audio editing software application. If your ‘problem’ file is an MP3 file, I especially recommend MP3DirectCut from Martin Pesch: this is the only software I know which can edit an MP3 file without converting it to another format for editing (then back to MP3 again to save it). Hence, you will not lose any quality.

If you have a song which only contains one or two swear words, one technique I’d recommend is to reverse just the swear word. In other words: load the song into your audio editor, highlight just the swear word, then Reverse it, then (after you’ve checked the result!) Save the song under a new file name. This usually preserves the beat and the original length of the song, but will not offend anyone—unless of course they can understand words sung backwards! :smiley:

I hope that helps.

PS: In the mAirList tagging dialog, when using the + and - buttons, click:
+ or - button to move a cue point forward/backward by one-hundredth of a second;
Shift + or Shift - button to move a cue point forward/backward by one-tenth of a second;
Ctrl + or Ctrl - button to move a cue point forward/backward by one second.


Oh indeed, seems like I got WESTS wrong. Thanks for your help, Cad.