BuildSource: BASS_StreamCreate*:error44

This message appears when in auto mode with one playlist and one player is in operation in ver 2.1.21 Build 385 when I try to execute a play next command either via the playnext button or spacebar assigned to playnext, while an .mp3 file is currently playing.

It only happens with .mp3 files but not linear .wav files, and does not happen if I execute a stop command to an .mp3 file and wait until it completely stops… in this case the next event, when play is executed, plays normally.

My observation is that either my configuration is incorrect, or BASS/MairList cannot handle playing two .mp3 files simultaneously (using one player in auto) as it did up until this build.

I think I have identified the problem correctly with no red herrings?

I just got the chance to try this after the phone call earlier.

I whipped up two mp3 files in 128Kbps using filename format “artists - title~5.mp3” etc… with the options import ~ as start next, with only one player in auto mode and so far it’s not re-creating it here.

I’m using the space bar for start next, esc for break, and I’ve tried switching off and on the various bass options in the config.

I click stop then start next by both mouse and spacebar with no issues. I’ve tried spacebar while playing to start next and still no probs. I’ll keep trying this here aswell to see if it’ll do it.



Tried a fresh install (where there has been no previous instance of MairList installed ever) on another computer and imported the skin.ini and layout.ini from the suspect version which was loaded over a previous install, and the fresh install seems to work OK, apart from the fact that I’m accessing the same audio files accross the network as the supposed faulty install 2.1.21 Build 385.

The playback via the network files is quite slow to start by the way… any suggestions to improve the access/playback start speed?

I’m confused.

Where to now?


Imported the mairlist.ini and position.ini file across as well and the new install works fine apart from suffering from much network latency.!

What is causing the problem on the updated original install?

Still confused.

“Error 44” means “codec not available”. Can you please check whether the problem persists when you use the BASS.DLL found in this zip archive:

(The one in the main folder of the archive, not the one in the “mp3-free” folder.)



Fixed, or so it seems.

Am I alone in having this problem, as I couldn’t help thinking I needed to take a serious look at my XP Pro installation?

Thanks for the prompt reply and solution.

Try to update Windows Media Player. I know, it’s a horrible software, but it’s bundled with the latest codecs.

Wow… That simple huh…

Will do.

Thanks again, Torben

Best regards

Chris: remember that the BASS.DLL which Torben distributes has recently changed, thanks to Mr and Mrs Thomson and their MP3 patents legal team.

Originally, BASS.DLL contained an MP3 decoder internally, which Mr un4seen has recently removed from his DLL to prevent problems with the aforementioned Thomson legal team.

The latest BASS.DLL does not contain an internal MP3 decoder, it now relies on the Windows PC having an ‘external’ (to the DLL) MP3 decoder installed, which BASS.DLL will then ‘call’ to do the MP3 decoding/playout on BASS’s behalf. The easiest way to ensure you have a suitable ‘external’ MP3 decoder installed is to install Windows Media Player (which contains a licensed MP3 codec) on your PC.

It appears that your ‘existing’ mAirList PC did not have a suitable ‘external’ MP3 codec installed, hence the error message from the new ‘no internal decoder’ version of BASS.DLL.

I know you’re a bit of a ‘non-computer-techie,’ so I hope that explains the problem and the background to it?


Only partly correct.

Ian from un4seen now distributes two versions of the DLL (which are both contained in the BASS archiv offered for download on The original one with the embedded MP3 codec (and thus subject to licensing at Thomson’s), and the “mp3-free” one, which relies on the MP3 codec contained in the Media Player installation (and thus does not need licensing).

As I cannot spare $15,000 per year, mAirList comes with the latter version.


A footnote.

I’m most grateful for the knowledge and information sharing that transpires through the forum and the associated Wiki pages, and I’d also like to acknowldge the dedication and commitment that Torben has shown in his pursuit of excellence with MairList.

To you all, my humble thanks for your continued input.

I can’t help thinking mAirList is developing into a serious contender for professsional and premium priced radio automation software, and I hope that you, Torben, reap the rewards due for your efforts.

I’m sure I’m not alone.

To Torben: yes of course you are correct. I should have said ‘the version of BASS.DLL distributed with mAirList’ because as you correctly say, Ian has created two versions with varying costs to developers who use them (e.g. Torben!).

To Chris: I thought mAirList was a VERY serious contender for small/semi-pro stations some months ago, and my opinion has not changed since. Remember also that I still have V2.1 to look forward to (no time right now as our station goes on air in a few weeks! so I have to stick to 2.0 right now). Meantime I hope you like my new wiki page about Tagging (shameless plug!).