Build in compressor settings

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a question about the supplied compressor in Mairlist 6.3
There are 3 settings Threshold in dB, and Attack and Release
However, I do not see the numbers before the decimal point as seconds and so after the decimal point the tenths and hundredths.
How should I read these numbers is the question.
Also a setting for this compressor to start with please. (for pop music and Dance Classics)

Thanks for taking the time to read this, Roel

The compressor is provided by the bass_fx.dll plugin. The meaning of the parameters is documented in its source code.

For the regular “Compressor”:

	// Compressor (deprecated)
		fThreshold: Single;            	// compressor threshold                     [0<=...<=1]
		fAttacktime: Single;           	// attack time ms                           [0<.<=1000]
		fReleasetime: Single;          	// release time ms                          [0<.<=5000]
		lChannel: Integer;            	// BASS_BFX_CHANxxx flag/s

For the “Advanced Compressor”:

	// Compressor 2
		fGain: Single;                 	// output gain of signal after compression  [-60....60] in dB
		fThreshold: Single;            	// point at which compression begins        [-60.....0] in dB
		fRatio: Single;                	// compression ratio                        [1.......n]
		fAttack: Single;               	// attack time in ms                        [0.01.1000]
		fRelease: Single;              	// release time in ms                       [0.01.5000]
		lChannel: Integer;            	// BASS_BFX_CHANxxx flag/s

Thank you for the quick reply Torben

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