Build 901 export playlist as txt

When trying to export a playlist from the database to a custom txt file it saves it without content.

What export format did you enter in the configuration?


What he means is: what string did you enter in Config, Miscellaneous, Settings as:
Format for Custom Text Playlist Export?

You need to enter a string there, using logging variables, or else the file written will be empty.

It’s a CUSTOM text export because YOU need to supply the text format you want.


It uses the date and time of playlist creation which is automatically entered when saving the txt file. So a playlist created at midday on 5th Feb would use 2011-02-05-12.
I have tried using another name and adding .txt to it, but the result is the same. Both give an empty txt file

We’re not talking about the file name format but of the content format. This is to be entered in the configuration dialog exactly where Cad mentioned. This is why it is called “custom” text format anyway.

That clarifies it a bit…sorry :-[ am having an off-day…
I have used %a - %b and it works, many thanks