Build 521

Build 521

[-] Amplification not working in containers or mixdown
[-] Start Next ignored in automation mode

Build 520

[-] PFL dialog sets amplification irreversibly to -184.2dB

Hi Torben,
I’m afraid that I still cannot get Amplitude to work in Mixdown - looking at the file in Cool Edit, the level of the song (set to -9dB) is still at normal level…

When playing an item in a Player with an early StartNext (my voicetrack), the Player counts down to the StartNext point and then counts UP… Is this intentional ?!

I also notice a slight pause before audio starts on several items - as if a script is running (but there isn’t).

The PFL progressbar is very jerky when moving around - possibly a result of the audio level/pitch/speed features ?

Weird. I’ll have a look at every single of these issues.

By the way, I have now released v3.0.0 to the public. Let’s see what the other people say. I guess there are tons of other bugs.

This forum will remain open for the beta releases of mAirListDB I’m going to upload.

Yes, several ‘remain time display’ bugs which I need to note, plus FadeColor is sometimes ignored.

Too busy to do the list right now though, plus I’m about to defrag my drive (!!!).