Build 496

Build 496 is now available. Post your comments here.

Just had a quick try-out before bed…

  1. Cartwall Buttons remain visible despite me having them disabled… As a result, I cannot click them to start/stop.

  2. Multiple errors with ScreenObjects - Invalid Class etc… Renaming screenobjects.ini cures this.

  3. RemainingTime in the Players are set to nn:ss.z yet shows 3 decimal places - the Ramp is the same setting yet shows only 1 decimal place as expected.

  4. Also still getting an AV on the EOF setting:

[code]Access violation at address 0079A8D9 in module ‘mAirList.exe’. Write of address 00000008

13 October 2008, 23:20:17

Program Version 3.0.0 Build 496

Call stack:

[0047A876] Controls.Controls.TWinControl.WMNCPaint + $2CA
[0056E207] ComCtrls.ComCtrls.TCustomUpDown.Click + $17
[0056E027] ComCtrls.ComCtrls.TCustomUpDown.WMVScroll + $2F
[00472EA3] Controls.Controls.TControl.WndProc + $2BB
[00476D05] Controls.Controls.TWinControl.WndProc + $499
[00472B30] Controls.Controls.TControl.Perform + $24
[00476E3B] Controls.Controls.DoControlMsg + $23
[00477663] Controls.Controls.TWinControl.WMVScroll + $B
[00472EA3] Controls.Controls.TControl.WndProc + $2BB
[00476D05] Controls.Controls.TWinControl.WndProc + $499
[00476490] Controls.Controls.TWinControl.MainWndProc + $2C
[0042F418] Classes.Classes.StdWndProc + $14
[0046E21A] Controls.Controls.FindControl + $42
[004904D0] Forms.Forms.TApplication.ProcessMessage + $F4
[00490512] Forms.Forms.TApplication.HandleMessage + $A
[00490732] Forms.Forms.TApplication.Run + $96
[0079D555] CoreGUIMainWindows.CoreGUIMainWindows.TConfigMainWindowClass.Run (Line 145, “CoreGUIMainWindows.pas” + 6) + $7
[00990898] mAirList.mAirList.MainWindow (Line 92, “C:\projects\mAirList\trunk\mAirList.dpr” + 13) + $C
(0059A6AE) [0099B6AE][/code]

  1. Fixed. mAirListConfig was writing the options to mAirList.ini, while mAirList itself looked for them in GUI.ini (which is correct). The same applied to the Cartwall GUI settings. You will have to move them to GUI.ini or set them up again.

  2. Fixed.

  3. Use “u” for 1/10th and “v” 1/100th of a second. “z” returns milliseconds without leading 0s - for example, at 0:00:000, it returns “0”, but at 0:00:123 it returns “123”. This is why you thought it worked for the ramp and the elapsed time - you should have started the player to see what I mean :wink:

By the way, the “truncate time” option does not work at the moment, because I still have to make it work with the new “custom time format” functionality.

  1. Finally sorted out.

Build 497 is just being uploaded.