Bug with SAM CSV Import

Hi there,

I’ve noticed that when importing my SAM Database via CSV file into Mairlist (I do have to realign the CSV file in Excel) but once I have some songs are given automatically a FadeOut time of 0:00.001.

Heres the csv insert bit:


“28436”,“F:\Imaging\February 2012\Ad Outro - 2 Hours Hit Music Now - LFM.wav”,“0”,“NNNNNNNNNN”,“I”,“0”,“5”,“402.569047851562”,“26/02/2012 5:08:55 p.m.”,“4/04/2012 11:05:22 a.m.”,“4/04/2012 11:05:22 a.m.”,“27/01/2012 6:07:57 a.m.”,“4/04/2012 11:05:22 a.m.”,“9215”,“Ad Outro”,“2 Hours Hit Music Now - LFM”,"","","",“0”,"","","","","",“0”,"","","","","","",“28”,“0”,“1/01/2002 12:00:01 a.m.”,“0”,"&x=5000&xf=1",“0”,"",“0”,“no”,“0”,“none”,“broadcast”,“0”

And attached is a screenshot of what mAirlist is producing

Screen Shot 2012-04-22 at 8.36.41 AM.png

I’ve narrowed it down further.

It seems to only do it on tracks where in SAM Broadcast a Xfade (Start Next in Mairlist terms) has been specified. As you can see above …"&x=5000&xf=1"…

This in SAM has a crossfade point of 5secs. This has not imported correctly into Mairlist.

I have attached a screenshot of the song information editor in SAM.

Screen Shot 2012-04-22 at 8.48.10 AM.png