Bug Tracker

Starting with mAirList 4, we would like to manage all bug reports through our brand new issue tracker, based on the Redmine software: http://redmine.mairlist.com/projects/mairlist4

If you found a bug, you are welcome to post it directly to the bug tracker. You can log in with your existing forum account.

Problems which are posted to the forum and cannot be solved immediately will be copied over to the bug tracker by myself or someone from the team. In that case, we’ll close the thread and give a link to the ticket. All comments should be posted to the bug tracker then.

I tried to connect to your bug tracker, but nothing works.

My forum account doesn’t work. I created a new one for the bug tracker. Connecting with this new one doesn’t work too. I clicked on the “password lost” with my email address : message told me that a new password had been sent to me, but nothing in my mailbox (included into spam folder…).

Any idea ? I’ve a bug to declare regarding the mix editor. And the WASAPI codec for sound card…

The bug tracker is out of order at the moment, please use the forum to report a bug.

And your forum account must work, how would you be able to post if it didn’t? :wink:

My forum account doesn’t work when i use my credentials into your bug tracker. That’s what i would say earlier.

Bug tracker now turned off due to inactivity. Please use the forum.