(bug?) Stream Monitor doesn't work in Mairlist v7.1.7

I’m using Mairlist 7.1.7 (Advanced Server Edition).

I used the stream monitor in version 6 of Mairlist with success.
Exact the same configuration has been used in the latest version of Mairlist (v7.1.7), but
the stream monitor does not detect an active connection.

I tested it again with a “no-install-version” of mairlist v6.3 on the same pc.
And again … it works like a charm.

So a quick thinking :
1 : There is a bug in version 7 (v7.1.7) ???
2 : Something must be configured different in version 7 to use the Stream-monitor ?

I can’t remember a change of this function, and the changelogs don’t show entries of this.

I found something. The soundcard’s “Stream monitor” (which is a different soundcard) has been set to WASAPI …

This doesn’t work. I changed it to Directsound and then it works.

Shouldn’t this be the High Priority input? :thinking:

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This way it works perfect. :slight_smile: