Bug or No Bug? Playlists and Tagged Files

I cannot decide whether this one is a bug or not. Part of me says ‘yes;’ and part of me says ‘no, but you do need to make sure that everyone understands that this is how it works.’

When a Playlist is saved, the saved MLP file contains any cue point information for each item (particularly MP3 files). When the saved MLP Playlist is Opened later, the cue point information saved in the Playlist file is used instead of the cue point information currently saved in the MP3 files referenced by the Playlist.

I see that it can be useful to set up specific cue points and save those in a Playlist in the knowledge that those cues WILL DEFINITELY apply when that Playlist is opened. In most cases though, one is simply ‘saving tracks,’ so if a song in your saved Playlist is later Tagged (or re-Tagged), those changes will not show up when your Playlist is opened after that.

Like I said: Bug or No Bug? (to misquote the TV show)

What does everyone else think?


Not a bug. Imagine you’re preparing your show in advance, setting exact cue points, and someone changes the tags …

May I should introduce a “reload tags from file” button?


That “tags in playlist” is actually a useful feature. Most playout systems support this (although it’s usually in the form of a graphical segue editor/tracker). If you wish to move sweepers and dry IDs over song intros, you can - But just ensure the intros are quiet enough not to drown-out the VO, or have somebody at the desk “riding the levels”.

Thanks for the feedback on this. I had just about come to the same conclusion myself!

Torben: I think the best place for a Rescan Cue Points command would is on the right-click Playlist menu. I think it would be a good idea to have this available. As we start to tag files here, it would be helpful to be able to (in our case) add any new tag info. to an existing Playlist (and then reSave it!).