Bug? More then 6350 songs sync'd into MairlistDB (PostgreSQL) I get an error

Does anyone have issues with importing more then 6350 songs in MairlistDB (hosted on PostgreSQL Server)?

The error i get is:

Access violation at address 00407CF0 in module ‘mAirList.exe’. Read of address OA508D80


Access violation at address 00407CF0 in module ‘mAirList.exe’. Read of address 0A532540


I have to say I’ve never tried importing that many songs at one time; but if you get the standard mAirList ‘error’ dialog, save the bug report and post it here.


Bug report attached :slight_smile:

Actually it doesn’t seem to be on any specific number of tracks or any particular tracks eg. any tracks with a specific character in the filename or file length. I can’t seem to find a pattern which causes the issues, it just seems to happen around then 6000+ mark.


bugreport.txt (39.1 KB)

Perhaps it’s some kind of internal buffer or temporary import table that’s getting ‘blown.’

I’m sure Torben will comment once he’s back.


This was actually a memory management issue. Fixed in b1439.

Cool :slight_smile:

I’ve just upgraded. It seems as though the bug when connecting to SAM Database is back though. The Duration times are showing far incorrectly eg. 22minutes for a song, where really its only 3 minutes. Is there somehow this bug has popped back? It was fixed in a earlier release?

Looks like I forgot to sync that GIT commit to my dev PC. I’ll upload another build later.