Bug in Mini Scheduler?

Some of the playlistst generated with the mini scheduler show wrong times. For instance the playlist generated for 07.00 - 08.00 shows times starting from 06.00 and so on. Is this a known issue or am I missing something?

I am not aware of any bug.

Are there fixed times set on any items?

Thanks for your quick reply!
All items in the template have fixed times.
As you can see on the screenshot, the playlist of next monday 07.00-08.00 is shown. Times starts at 06.00 however.
Same happens by the way (at least to me) with the 10.00-11.00 playlist.

I’m scheduling from 07.00 until 19.00 weekdays.


Ok, so the STARTER jingle has a fixed time set, as I suspected.

Is that fixtime set on template level (template item properties), or in the library (audio item properties)?

Both I’m afraid.
So I removed the hard fixed time from the jingle and the problem remains.
Than I removed the hard fixed time from the template, and the problem still remains.

Have you regenerated the list after you did so?

Double-check that there is no fixed time set for the item in the library.

Setting a fixed time on template level is probably a good idea, just remember that the fixed time is relative to the beginning of the hour. So usually you set it to 0:00:00 for the first item of the playlist, and the scheduler will turn it into 6:00:00 when you generate the 6:00 hour, 7:00:00 when you generate the 7:00 hour and so on.

Problem still remains.
I double checked that there is no fixed time set for the jingle/top of the hour.
In the template there is a fixed time for the first item; the jingle in this case.
Playlist has been regenerated, playlist for 07.00 -08.00 and 10.00-11.00 shows wrong starting times.
I will post some more screenshots in a new post.





And some more screenshots.
As it turns out, the 07.00-08.00 and 10.00-11.00 playlists show wrong times. All other playlists are fine.




Hi Torben,

I still do think it’s a minor bug somewhere in mAirlist. It can be reproduced quite easily as described above.
In v4.3 it happens too and a friend of mine can reproduce it when he’s using the 4.2 trial version of mAirlist.

Although it’s not a major issue, maybe you could look into this one day.