Hi guys
I’m getting buffering at the start of the next audio in auto mode, any ideas on how to stop?

Hi Alan,

I’m afraid this is not enough information, so I try it “blind” - sorry, when I’m wrong.

  • Configuration > Audio settings > General > Checkbox “Asynchronous…” - is it checked?
    If not, please try it.

  • Configuration > Audio settings > ASIO > Ignore this device (please set, if possible)

We recommend the use of WASAPI.

Is this helpful?

Asynchronous is 65 and changed ASIO to ignore

To be honest I have set up the station ready to go, BUT I’m not that great with the technical side (although I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to connect to Shoutcast without successes). If there was someone on here that would be willing to remote to my p.c to setup I would be very grateful.

Okay. I tried a “fresh” (new) 5.3 config file.
It looks like this:

Please check the box marked with the red arrow, too.
Sorry when my first answer was misleading. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

These are 2 spontaneous hints which are often helpful but since I have no further information, it’s a bit difficult.

Concerning your second post. I’ll send you a PN. Thank you.

EDIT - sorry, I was wrong. Alan told me it’s a 6.x version and it’s not ASIO.
I have moved the discussion to the right place.
Please continue helping Alan to set up a perfect webcast stream. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you Uli
Regarding the buffer, in auto playout every now and then (not all the time) the next audio (jingle or music) will stutter about 3 times before playing. I also notice the news at the start of the top of the hour echos or is playing double for about 3 seconds.

Also check this tip: https://www.thewindowsclub.com/disable-audio-enhancements-windows-10

Thank you… followed all instructions and not hearing buffering (stuttering) BUT at the top of the hour still the new hour loads in auto and double plays the recorded news reader for about 3 seconds. Any ideas?


this is most likely a different problem but a little hard for us to evaluate as we do not know anything about the very properties of your situation – regarding the playlist, audio setup and the items themselves.

Obscure regards


I think I have set up following instructions from Aircast. All audio comes from a folder on P.C in MP3 format, the output is music only with jingles, info etc all recorded. I’m not really that technical and struggling even to setup shoutcast. If you guys know how… then I would be happy for the help, maybe team viewer.

Hi Alen,
so we can assume, that you are using a D&R Mixing desk with USB Audio?

One of our Radio Hosts is using an Airlite and also has the same problem. I can’t find the root cause yet. We thought we have it found but it apeared again.
In his case the stuttering apears only at the beginning of a show, right after local recording and establishing the encoder connection.
The only thing helped so far, was to wait a couple of seconds after kicking in the encoder. After that one time at the beginning of a show, all works smooth.

Can you confirm, that your problem is EXACTLY the same behavior or does it happen just randomly from time to time?

Well you usually just put in the data you receive from your server administrator, who is operating the shoutcast server. But that is a totaly different problem and should have nothing to do with the stuttering problem.

Hi Shorty.xs
This is were I have got to: The stuttering or buffering seems to have settled, so the main problem is the top of the hour. I have a news IN jingle at end of hour fixed time 59:53, the fixed time at start of next hour news reader double played for about 3 seconds before normal play. I have now added a news bed with sting at beginning to make it not so oblivious, but bed still double plays.
I am not using a mixer just total payout with all recorded martial.

What about creating a news container, having a cue point “Anchor” to the TOTH beep?
The Anchor still has influence on the hour before at 59’ 53". :wink:

Ok lets try that… can you just elaborate a little for me? The container should go at the end of the hour? or start of new hour?

Is it Region container?

No need for that when you don’t send out to different regions (and you have bought the corresponding licenses from mairlist :wink:).

A container has a bunch of elenents, always in the same order, e.g.:

  • Time countdown / beeps
  • News opener
  • News itself (with or without a music bed)
  • Closer

It shall have a fixed time at TOTH = 0:00:00.
However, the Time Countdown needs 12 seconds before TOTH and 3 seconds after, followed by the news opener.

  • Set the Anchor in the Time countdown exactly where you want to have it at 0:00:00 - in our example at 12 seconds.
  • Since the container (including the element “Time countdown”) ist fixed to 0:00:00, it will start automatically (!) in the hour before at h:59:48 - due to the Anchor. :sunglasses:

You can also set it to the end of the hour, but I would not work very well with a container.
So my proposal for this scenario is:

  • Time countdown (including Anchor) set to fixed time at 1:00:00.
    The element will start at h:59:48, as mentioned above.
  • Add playlist of the new hour, starting with the news container (not including the Timer countdown).

What would we recommend for you? You’ll know best.
Many radio stations start their news container at TOTH. This is not complicated, and a starting music bed / countdown / beeps can be backtimed to the houre before using the Anchor. :wink:

Thank you so much for your help, all problems solved and streaming at my website swr connection com I’m now building apps and better radio player … but basics are there.
Thanks again