Browser section tabs up the top in mairlist 6 how do i make them image of example included

i am trying to achieve a layout for the browser in mairlist 6 to have a number of clickable tabs (these are various catagies like Drive 1 70s, Drive 1 80s, Oz Rock 70s etc) up the top, like i have in version 3 which is shown in the below screen shot and i have an image here that illustrates what i want to achieve I am sure there is a simple solution thus far I have found no reference on how to do this it is obviously one or more .ini files i have to manipulate to do this hoping some one has an idea

You don’t need an *.ini file - it’s simply a checkbox in the configuration:

Additionally, when you have found your perfect collection of tabs, you can save them as a preset or a standard preset. :wink:

However, it does not look like you’re using a database.
Give it a try, it’s included and when you have started working with a database you won’t want to be without it again. :sunglasses:


Absolutely perfect … merry christmas and thank you thank you thank you !!! and ill look into the database also

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Next question i have 6 cart walls down the bottom and i cant seem to make them look like the first photo example in version 6 and finally countdown to the top of the hour how would this be achieved ?