Browser not showing durations

Hi Torben and all,

We’ve just introduced mAirList into our station and so far it’s working fantastically and we love it.

I’m absolutely, positively sure though, that the ‘browser’ should be able to display a track’s duration as it does in Windows Explorer, so that presenters can see a song’s duration before dragging it into the playlist. (And without having to check via Explorer).

I’ve set ‘resizeable panes’ in the config but it’s not the solution. Have searched and searched but can’t find the answer. In our browser within mAirList it just shows the file names. Can you advise if indeed there is a solution to this?

Also I’ve customised ‘skin.ini’ and used the layout designer to suit our station and it’s been brilliant to work with. The only other request I’ve had is to change the colour of the font in the ‘just played’ tracks in the playlist. The light grey is difficult for some of us to read. Is there any way to make the colour of this font another colour. Can’t seem to locate it in ‘skin.ini’.

Any help appreciated.

P.S.: For a community station with limited funds that until now only used WinAmp… (it’s true…!) mAirList is sensational…!

Hi there, and welcome.

display of the duration cannot be easily set up with the third-party component I use. It also affects the performance significally. If you really need this information, I suggest you set up an on-the-fly database for each of your music folders. You can then also use the database search, and store cue data without having to tamper with ID3 tags or MMD files.

Regarding the font color, the following line in the “Playlist0” section should do the trick:


Hi the brianster and welcome to the mAirList forums.

Quite a long winded solution to your problem as when you add new audio it will need doing again.

Add a directory to the browser and then drag all the audio to the playlist. Save this playlist in a folder called playlist_shortcuts (or a name of your choice).

Now into the brower add a playlist and navigate to the playlist just created. Add this and then right click and rename the browser tab. (This hides the path on the hard drive).

Close the original directory added (to save space) and save the desktop as standard.mlt (in the main mAirList folder).

Repeat for each directory/folder of audio, saving each playlist with a new name.

The durations are shown in the right of the browser. Unfortunately if you add new audio to a folder, you will need to also add this new audio to the matching playlist.

HTH Kind Regards Tony

Thanks Torben and Tony,

The font issue was fixed easily as you suggested, Torben.

I’ve tried both solutions suggested by each of you and am consistently amazed at the sheer configurability of the program. I’m probably leaning toward the on-the-fly database option as you described, Torben - mainly owing to the search capabilities of it. But both work and do what I’d hoped.

Thanks again…

Hi brianster, you are welcome. Must confess my tip was originally posted here by Charlie.

I prefer to use iTunes (until mAirListDB) as the library and search tool. Which can be used from within mAirList under the database options and will also return the duration of audio.

You also might like to try Media monkey which is the favourite of Cad who along with Torben and Charlie posts some of the most useful tips and ideas here.

Kind Regards Tony

Hello Gentlemen…

Well… ‘drats’. It appears the iTunes solution works… but only displays track name and duration (not artist) - although of course artists are searchable via the mAirList Database Search function.

Is it possible to display the artist using the iTunes idea?

BUT the ‘On The Fly’ idea is probably better suited for us anyway however… every time I’ve tried opening mAirList after setting up my music folder in the Configuration Tool, mAirList just hangs forever, until I ctrl+alt+del to shut down the ‘by now’ ‘not responding’ program.

On The Fly works great using a small folder of a few songs in my tests - but trying to use my folder of 1500 or so songs causes it to hang. Is there a solution to this?

Am I mad to be attempting this with one large folder as an On The Fly database?

It’s not hanging, it just takes a long time to import the songs for the first time, in particular when auto-cue is enabled.

Make sure to switch on “Use cache file” and “automatically rescan” in the OTF database configuration. mAirList will then only look for changed files when restarted, which will be much faster.

Hi, iTunes works fine for us. Try adjusting the browser width.

If you have a narrow window all the columns cannot display correctly (there should be a scrollbar appearing in this instance edit along the top of the browser window*).

Kind regards tony

Ok, sorry for the delay in replying guys. You’re absolutely correct and it’s working as planned now.