Browser Buglette?

4.2.0 build 1666

I have a few things preset in my Browser window (Database Search, Specific folder as well as the Recycle Bin), so when I launch mAirList they are there (from the default template), however when I click “NEW” on the toolbar to clear my playlist, it also clears the Browser window to just the Recycle Bin. Totally repeatable, so it looks like NEW doesn’t reload the default template (unless I’m missing something!).

Cheers, Richard

I think there’s an option about that somewhere in the Misc settings in mAirListConfig (“close all browsers when a new desktop is started” or so).


I think you mean the GUI, Browser, Browser Options group, Keep open when starting a new desktop checkbox.

Which is selected by default, if I recall correctly.


Thanks Torben & Cad, I’ll check the option when I get back from Work tonight.

It is indeed that one Cad, and in mine it was not checked. I have my Browser window as a seperate window toggled from the menubar, however when not checked, the window stays up (if toggled) and stays open with just the recycle bin. So, that options didn’t make sense to me in the way I operate!