British Summer Time

Hi Torben
How will Mairlist deal with British Summer Time ie the clocks going forward 1 Hour at 1am on Sunday 31st March

The hourly event that reloads the playlist will just skip the “missing” hour.

Going back to winter time is more difficult, as you need to schedule twice the amount of songs in one particular hour (either the 2:00 or the 3:00 hour - depends on the playlist reload actions being used).

will I need to change the event time for that hour? as its currently set to 59 mons past hour?

No, just leave it as it is.

It will run at 1:59, appending the 2:00 hour. Then again (one hour later) at 3:59, appending the 4:00 hour.

So the 3:00 hour will never get loaded and played. That’s the only thing to keep in mind - technically it’s the 3:00 hour that is being skipped, not the 2:00 hour.

all ok but clocks go forward at 1am

In mainland Europe it’s at 2am (probably related to the time zone in some way, we’re at CET here).

But anyway, same principle applies.